Visiting the Komodo Islands of Indonesia and the Komodo Dragons that inhabit the area is a once in a lifetime experience which I happily got to do in October while visiting Indonesia. It can also be a frightening experience for some people like myself which you can read more about in my post “Surviving a Visit to the Komodo Dragons at Komodo National Park” . Whether you think you might be the scared type or think its totally awesome and you are the kind of person that eats fear for breakfast there are a few important tips that you should know for visiting the Komodo Islands and the Komodo Dragons. Scroll down to keep reading the tips and/or press play on my newest video which might just show you why these tips are so important.




1. Never visit alone, that is just asking for trouble. Always report to the ranger stations and make sure that you have a ranger with you at all times. Also you might think the idea of a private tour is fun but honestly this is the one time being in a large group is a good thing because the larger your group the better. Oh and don’t wander away from the group, obviously.

2. Keep quiet. A no brainer. You don’t want to attract the dragon towards you. Sure you might want a cool picture but surviving your visit is probably a better souvenir.

3. No smoking. I think this is mostly to protect the island. It is a very dry area and if a fire was started there would be no way to put it out or to save the dragons. Seeing that they are an endangered species it would suck if you were the one to give the final blow and wipe them off the earth.

3. Tell the rangers if you have a cut on your leg or open wound and any women visiting who are on their period make sure you tell the rangers. As embarrassing as it may be they need to know. Komodo Dragons can smell blood from 18kms away. Komodo Dragons smell blood and think food. Tell the rangers and they will keep an extra eye on you, and protect you. This is also a good time to be in a group as the more people around you the better.

4. Always check your surroundings. Look up in the trees. Young Komodo Dragons live in trees until they are in their teens to prevent their mothers and other dragons from eating them. You might not want jumping on your back… not that that happens, but you never know… well maybe it does happen… watch your back is all I’m saying.

5. If you didn’t listen to any of my tips and you now find yourself lets say, in an open field with a Komodo Dragon quickly coming in your direction, remember that as you run for your life to run in a zig zag pattern. Komodo Dragons are sprinters and can run at speeds of 18kms an hour but I guess they aren’t very good at running crookedly.

6. Pick a good tour guide / boat to take  you to the island so you don’t end up shipwrecked like my dear friend Kate. Because that really sucks.


Photographs taken with a Nikon D5100 using a 17-55mm lens.