Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

On my last night in Dublin I had a dinner scheduled at a restaurant that many people told me served up some of the best food in the city. Being a solo traveler the dinner, like it is often, was just booked for me. A party of one. I don’t mind dining by myself though. It gives you the time to actually enjoy your meal, sit back, relax and do some people watching. I also find dining by yourself the staff treat you differently and they are more open and talk to you more which is nice.

fade street social dining room - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

Inside Fade Street Social. I mistakingly arrived 2 hours before my reservation time waaaaay before the dinner rush. It quickly filled up soon after. 

I was dining at a restaurant called Fade Street Social. A local Dublin restaurant that prides itself on using as much homegrown Irish produce and foods as possible. Walking into the large dining room at the back and up a few steps  you can see the entire kitchen, open directly to the dining area. This is a good sign that the food is fresh and they aren’t hiding anything.

Also in the corner is a wood fired oven. As soon as I see one of those in any restaurant my mind is pretty much already made up as to what I am having. I just can’t resist wood fired pizzas and flatbreads.

Fade Street Social Menu - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

Funny menus.

Another thing that I can’t seem to resist? TRUFFLES. As I perused the flatbread section the word truffle immediately popped out at me and mind was set.

fade street social beef and truffle flatbread - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

This was literally the best thing I have eaten in a long time. Since it was just an appetizer size that I ordered and I wanted to try more of the menu I ordered a main as well. I shouldn’t of. I really should of just sat there and ate this for the rest of my life breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

fade street social beef and truffle flatbread - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin


fade street social beef and truffle flatbread - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

How good does that look?

Washed down with a nice red wine that I now can’t even remember, this was one of those foods where you can’t help yourself but make noises as you eat it. “Oh man” “This is so good!” “Mmmmm” This also leads you to getting a few looks when you are dining by yourself. From the Irish mozzarella and aged parmesan to the tender raw fillet and truffle béchamel. Drool.

fade street social beef fillet - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

Beef Fillet smothered in a cep hollandaise sauce.

fade street social chunky chips truffle - Homegrown Local Food in Dublin

Chunky Chips – hand cut chips with truffled goats cheese, ventreche bacon and lardo crudo.

The main, beef fillet smothered in cep hollandaise sauce wasn’t the prettiest thing to photograph, but don’t worry it tasted way better than it looks. Unfortunately between the flatbread and the chunky chips that also had truffle and prosciutto on it I might of filled myself up and couldn’t finish the main…

Everything I had at Fade Street Social was delicious and almost 100% local. You can’t beat that.

I have had a few people tell me that they had bad food everywhere they went in Dublin. But obviously they weren’t looking hard enough, or they probably just hopped from pub to pub. If you are looking for great food in Dublin definitely check out Fade Street Social.

Thanks to Tourism Ireland for hosting me on this trip. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own as is my tummy full of all of the truffles.

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    Jen Seligmann
    May 25, 2014 at 5:59 am

    My mouth is salivating, I love truffle too and simple cannot resist it when I see it (rarely) on a menu. I will have to add this to my Dublin to do list.

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