I’m a big movie nerd, so much so that I majored in film in University and when not traveling I work in the Film and TV Industry. I get a kick out of working on Film and TV sets and watching how everything happens behind the scenes and then later watching the completed thing and knowing how it all came together.

Aside from a Lord of the Rings tour that I went on when I was in New Zealand back in 2008 I haven’t really done any Film and TV tours on my travels so I was pretty excited when I was invited to go on a tour in New York of all places with On Location Tours. New York City is literally the most filmed city in the world and with On Location Tours – New York City TV and Movie Sites Tour you hop on a bus and drive around Manhattan for 3.5 hours while they try to show you as many movie and TV locations possible.

On the tour I got to see everything from the famous Fire House from the Ghost Buster movies.

To the house Will Smith lived in, in the movie “I am Legend”.

And I even got to eat a black and white cookie made famous by the TV show Seinfeld. (watch this clip).

We had a very knowledgeable guide who is actually an aspiring actor in New York City telling us that he was once a hand double for Chuck Bass from Gossip Girls (ooohh aaahhh), on the bus they had TVs and were able to actually show us clips of the movies for the locations we were seeing, and on multiple times we were able to get out and walk around some of the locations. Aside from just filming locations we also saw other icons of the city, like the Empire State Building, and some not so iconic places like the building where Blue Ivy and parents Beyonce and Jay-Z live.

It was a fun way to see the city in a different light and even though there weren’t any celebrity sightings (apparently they have seen Tom Cruise on numerous occasions)and it was a fun way to mix my passions from work and travel together. Maybe this is the same way a Stockbroker feels when they visit Wall Street for the first time? Or not…

Have you ever taken a Film and TV location tour? If it is something you are interested in you might also want to check out my friend Amanda’s site about Film and TV tours around the world www.Film-Travel.com

Photographed and filmed with a Nikon D5100 using a 17-55mm lens.