I admit it, I love Olive Garden!

All food bloggers may have just hung their heads in shame after that title, but its true. I love Olive Garden.

Maybe it is because I grew up without an Olive Garden around the corner and that it is a novelty to me that I love it so much? The first time I went to an Olive Garden was on a road trip to the US with some friends just a few years ago. We were in Maine on a shopping trip and the Olive Garden was calling our name.

I immediately fell in love with the breadsticks. They reminded me of the breadsticks that you use to be able to buy at Wendy’s for 60 cents. Garlicky, warm and soft, almost melt in your mouth carbolicious. I might like OG so much that I have gone to the one at Times Square in New York once or twice by myself just to enjoy its yummy goodness. The never ending salads and other menu items aren’t so bad either.

Don’t go comparing it to real Italian food or with expectations of a fancy high end feast, just go with no expectations and a love of carbs and you should leave happy.

What about you? Are you a closet Olive Garden lover? It’s ok you can come out and admit it, I’m here for you.

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    August 20, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    The first step in recovery is admitting the problem. Kudos Cailin. We’re all here for you – we love you and want you to recover from this. :)

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