Cailin Adirondack Instagrams screen shot - The Best Instagrams of the Adirondacks and Thousand Islands #EatPlayLoveNY

As you can see from my video of my one week trip exploring New York State’s Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, Lake Placid and 1,000 Island area HERE, the Adirondacks and surrounds are absolutely stunning in the summer months. Lush, green and although rainy at times, summer rains can actually sometimes make a place like this even prettier.

I spent my week there touring around with camera, GoPro and iPhone in hand snapping away at anything and everything. I am however a stickler when it comes to my instagram feed, so I take a million photos and hope I get at least one good one. I refuse to post just any old image and because of that I think my instagrams of my trip through New York’s North Country really show the area in a brilliant light and encapsulate my week touring around quite nicely.

I have taken my favourites and put them here together for you along with several from a few of my fellow travellers. I hope you enjoy!


I wasn’t the only Canadian hanging out on the shores of Lake Champlain in the Point Au Roche state park. Also FACT Canadian Goose poop is huge! lol

The Chazy Apple Orchard was just a quick roadside stop on our trip however it was pretty incredible to see the largest MacIntosh Apple Orchard in the world. The apples weren’t fully ripe yet, but were still quite tasty!

  I LOVED everything about the canons at Fort Ticonderoga, especially the Spanish ones like this. From the design and colours on the barrel to the bright red wooden stand that it laid upon and of course the stunning views of Lake Champlain. Images like these are my instagram dreams! lol

The weather was starting to turn on us mid-way through our six mile canoe paddle from Second Pond to Ampersand Bay in the Saranac Lake region of the Adirondacks. From afar we could slowly see the fog creeping in and then it was a upon us with the rain soon following. The fog added a nice dramatic effect to my images however, making this one, one of my favourites.

  Without a doubt, the Wild Center was hands down the coolest museum that I have ever been too, and the wild walk was the best part. It was my inner-child’s dream come true, how cool would it be to have a place like this as your own tree fort?!

  All of the homes in the Wellesley Island State Park in the Thousand Island Park on the tip of the Wellesley Island are Victorian in design. Grand and colourful, visiting here was like stepping back in time.

I have never been much of a fan of canoeing as I feel like they tip easier than kayaks, however I got over my fear, hopped in and enjoyed a lovely two hour paddle.


This might look like a pretty awesome mini castle however it is actually just a power station providing power to a much, much larger castle, the Boldt Castle (not seen here). Located on Heart Island amongst the @visit1000islands on the St Lawrence River on the U.S. side. Originally built by George Boldt the General Manager of the Waldorf Astoria, his wife passed away in 1904 before completion and since the home was being built for her he stopped the building process and never completed it. In 1977 the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired the island and castle in its ruined state and have restored it and have now nearly completed it putting $500,000 into it each year purely from ticket sales from visitors to the island and Castle. Long story short… You should definitely visit the Boldt Castle! #eatplayloveny #🏰


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I loved traveling with Erin and Vicky on this trip and loved enjoying this gorgeous view with them even though they raced to the top and I showed up huffing and puffing 10 minutes later.


Taking a stroll along the Wild Walk at the @wildcenter in the Adirondack’s. #eatplayloveny


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  Warning, visiting the Thousand Islands will make you want to have your own private island.


Captain John of Uncle Sam Boat Tours @visit1000isles #eatplayloveny #AlexandriaBay I loved this tour!


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  I don’t post enough people or selfies in my instagram feed, but this picture that Lori captured with the captain of our Uncle Sam Boat Tours boat is a great one!

Taking a picture with a different perspective than what we normally see with our eyes can really create some of the most unique images. It also really makes you think. I love this one Vanessa took of an artists brushes at the Adirondack Museum.

  I love everything about this picture, but Erin’s mermaid pose is truly the best, it’s like this rock was placed there just for her to come and strike an Ariel pose. There aren’t enough mermaids in my instagram feed either.

Always seen with GoPro in hand Jayme took this cute photo of her and Craig while biking around Wellesley Island. Awesome perspective!


The shortest bridge between the USA and Canada #EatPlayLoveNY #StayFriendly . #1000islands


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  This little bridge was so cute. It straddles the US and Canada border but thankfully no passport required. I told Craig that if I lived there I would just run back and forth on it all day saying “I’m in Canada, I’m in the U.S., I’m in Canada, I’m in the U.S.”.

Lastly, Sandi shares this great quote with a view from her climb to the top of Mt Jo. Another great perspective to think about.

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Thanks to ROOSTADK and other service providers for hosting me on this trip, follow along on social media with #EatPlayLoveNY . As always all views expressed are my own.