Visiting Brindisi, Italy

An aerial view of the city of Brindisi, Italy from the sailors memorial

Brindisi, Italy is the name of a city and province in the region of Puglia in Italy located at the “heel of the boot” when looking at a map of the country. The small city is home to 90,000 people and is home to great food, from the freshest seafood to the best olive oils and tomatoes in the world. It has gorgeous coast lines, it is known as a great area for sailing on the Adriatic and is also known as “Italy’s gateway to Greece” where you can catch a ferry to various destinations in Greece.

Brindisi is also home to very kind people and like I’ve written before they are the kind of people that would (and did) drop everything in a second to help a stranger out.

In my  newest video I highlight some of the things that make Brindisi so great, in hopes to entice you to visit someday soon as well.

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