(photo above: Candice and I having birthday drinks at the Delta Chelsea in Toronto before hitting the town)

For the second time in my life I celebrated my birthday away from home this past week while on my Cross Canada Road Trip. I turned the big 27, it was a tough one to swallow, and too close for comfort to age 30 for my liking. I like to call this stage in my life “the wrong side of 25”.

Don’t get me wrong though, I like where I am in life at the moment no matter how much I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future, but it’s just the idea of getting older that doesn’t float my boat. 26 could be a good age to stay at for a while… but I’m sure other ages will be just as great, once I’ve passed them I am sure that this is what my reflection will be.

Before I left on my trip I celebrated with my family and had dinner with friends which made me not as sad to not be celebrating with them on the actual day. I know some of you might be reading this and are just thinking, “big deal it’s just another day” or perhaps you have been on the road forever and most times you even forget that it actually is your birthday. But my birthday means a lot to me and I like spending it at home with my family and friends and ok ya I also like the attention and presents… who doesn’t?

For this birthday I was traveling though, and on the road where I sometimes find I am happiest. I also feel very lucky to of celebrated my birthday the way I did. I knew that Candice and I would be in Toronto this day (an old favorite of mine) and I have a few friends and know a few fellow travel bloggers that live there, so I sent out the word that I wanted to celebrate in style with all of them. I think my birthday actually turned into a mini tweet up. About 12 people met up with us, some whom I hadn’t even met before. I was happy to see them all new and old friends and didn’t have nearly enough time to talk to them all. Aside from being home I can’t think of a better way to of spent my birthday, having drinks, with people I like, while on the road, in a city I love.

Candice and I are now in Regina, Saskatchewan ticking off new provinces visited in this vast country of ours every day. In four days we will of reached Vancouver for the TBEX conference and I can wait to see more great friends there, and maybe we can have some post birthday drinks? 🙂
Have you ever been on the road on your birthday? How do you go about celebrating when away from home? What about holidays like Christmas? I have yet to be away from family on Christmas.