Top Things to do in Vegas other than Gambling

Millions of tourist come to Las Vegas each year to try their luck at the tables.  However, gambling is not the only thing to do in Sin City.  Below are several things to do in Vegas and most do not involve gambling in any form.

 See Some Shows 

show at the venetian

Besides gambling, one of the top activities enjoyed by tourists in Las Vegas are the numerous shows around town.  These shows range from music to comedy, and even dinner theater.

Performers that frequent Vegas include Elton John, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, Penn & Teller, Carrot Top, George Wallace, and more.  In addition, you cannot miss the performances of either Phantom or O by Cirque du Soleil.

Visit the Mob Museum

mob museum 01

If you are a fan of Vegas, then you know the history of Vegas’ past and that includes their affiliation with the mob.  The mob museum is located in downtown Las Vegas and it takes a look back at the period where the mob controlled Vegas.

In addition, the museum takes a look at the men of law enforcement that worked diligently to take down the mob.  The museum pulls no punches and does not glamorize mob life like many Hollywood films tend to portray the lifestyle.

Fremont Street Experience 

Downtown Las Vegas is host to many of the older casinos in Las Vegas and home of the Fremont Street Experience.  A portion of Fremont Street is covered with a canopy and every night there is a light and music show each half hour that is a must see event.  In addition, there is live music, street vendors, and all the casinos of downtown Vegas like the Four Queens, Binions, the Golden Nugget, and more.

Interactive Museums

pinball museum vegas 01

Las Vegas has two interactive museums that allow guests the opportunity to interact with the exhibit.  The first is the Lied Discovery Children’s Musuem.  There are over 100 exhibits that kids can fully interact with ranging from art to science, and more.

Also in Las Vegas is the Pinball Hall of Fame.  This is a museum for “older kids” who played arcade games growing up.  The museum shows off the greatest in old school video games and you can even play the games.  Just be sure to bring plenty of quarters.


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