How to Stay Connected Around the World Using a VPN

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As a frequent traveler it is important to me to be connected as I travel around the world. From having access to all social media channels, being able to watch the latest viral video everyone is talking about, to even catching up on some of my favorite TV shows and movies.

The best way to make my internet experience seamless as I travel is by using a VPN service like TunnelBear. This VPN service can not only mask my information for security purposes but also trick websites into thinking I’m in one country or another. Here are a few of the best ways the TunnelBear VPN keeps me connected as I travel the world.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the three main social media tools that I use to stay connected with friends and to share my experiences as I travel. However not every country is social media friendly. For example China has blocked a whole host of websites including Facebook and twitter so if you are traveling through the country, using TunnelBear will allow you to still access these websites and more.

YouTube Videos

Even when I am home in Canada I sometimes can’t watch the odd YouTube video because for some reason the video has been blocked for viewing in Canada. With TunnelBear I can make it so it seems my computer is in the US and then I am free to watch all of the blocked videos.

Watching TV shows and movies

Netflix and other programs and websites require that you are in a certain country to watch their TV shows and movies. Using TunnelBear when you travel you can change your computers location so that you can access the TV shows and movies on each website. This is also convenient for websites that aren’t available in your country yet. For example the music website Spotify isn’t available in Canada yet even though it has been available in the UK and US for a while now. However with TunnelBear I say I am in the US and I can use it.

Spotify not available in your country screenshot - How to Stay Connected Around the World Using a VPN


One of the most important reasons to use a VPN service when traveling is to keep my computer and its contents safe. While traveling I do a lot of work on my computer from freelance writing to managing my budget and bank accounts and more. Using a VPN my connection is encrypted and it makes my identity private while I am using the internet for safer browsing. This is especially important because when I travel as I am always connecting to random wifi hot spots that I might not trust but using TunnelBear I know I will be safe.

To learn more about TunnelBear and download the program now check out their site HERE.

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