This travel and food blog has been live for more than one month now and I am proud to say that I have been able to hold off writing about poutine…. until now.

My earliest memories of eating poutine are from grade 7 eating in the food court at the mall at A&W. I’m not sure when it became one of my favorite foods, but it might of been in recent years from one too many late night drinking sessions ending up at Halifax’s pizza corner and one of my favorite poutine places called “Williy’s“.

Some might call it a Canadian icon, many think its a staple of our every day diet, it isn’t… well not for most of us but I’m telling you one thing, for those of you that have never tried it, it is delicious.

The best way to have a poutine is “the classic” french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Thats it. Nothing else added. (well sometimes I add ketchup which some consider food blaspheme). One of the most important things that makes the poutine real is the cheese curds. The cheese curds should be so fresh that before melted they literally squeak in your mouth against your teeth.

I have tried poutine at many different places, I’ve eaten a “Donald Trump” poutine in Banff with frites and fancy cheeses, I’ve eaten it at Ashton’s in Quebec City said to be one of the first places to have poutine, I’ve tried it at the poutine chain “Smokes’s Poutinerie” (blech), I’ve eaten it many a times from A&W, today I was one of the first in line at a new Poutinerie restaurant called “Cheese Curds” here in Nova Scotia and I always go back to Willy’s, as it is by far my favorite to date. However I will keep searching to see if better is possible.

Are you a fan of poutine? Where have you had the best?


A&W photo by edkohler , Estatic girl with Poutine photo Anna Jura