In the past year I have been hearing about and entering more and more travel competitions and contests. I’ve made videos, I’ve taken photos, left comments, “Liked” things, followed people (I swear I’m not a stalker) and now I might of found one of my favourite contests yet, it’s a contest where I get to eat something to up my chances in winning!

Currently Dentyne Gum (@dentynecanada) is running a promotional competition where  if you buy a pack of their gum and enter the UPC code on their website you and 3 friends could win a trip to Las Vegas for New Years! (There were 3 other trips being offered but their “boarding times” have now passed.) You can enter for a chance to win every day until December 15th, 2010 when they pick the lucky winner! It’s almost refreshing to just leave this one up to luck and fate and not have to bust my butt to make a video or something else.

I hadn’t heard about this contest until the lovely people at Strategic Objectives (follow @so_pr @sarabeckford ) contacted me. Acting as reps for Dentyne during this contest they were given a few suitcases that were Packed and Ready full of Dentyne Gum to be given to a select few Social Media people to help spread the word and they asked me if I was interested in participating. I don’t think I could of said yes faster. Not only would I get an awesome new suitcase filled with 384 packs of Dentyne Peppermint Gum (yes I counted) but I would also now have all kinds of chances to enter to win one of the trips! Sounds good to me!

I’ve been entering every day and you should too – here are the details for the Las Vegas trip.

Boarding call: Las Vegas, Nevada at 1:00 p.m. ET on December 15, 2010

(Round trip economy class airfare for four (4) to Las Vegas, Nevada; Two (2) nights hotel accommodation (double occupancy) for four (4) in Las Vegas; Three thousand one hundred fifty Canadian dollars ($3,150 CDN) spending money.)

For full rules and regs, click here.

Sorry it’s only open for Canadians, but you Americans get all the cool stuff anyways, let us get something for a change! After all we are your hat and have kept you so warm all these years!

Since receiving this suitcase full of gum things have been

quite entertaining for me. It’s impossible for me to chew it all so I’ve been giving some of it away.

I’ve made a bunch of friends cheer at a bar, it gave me the excuse to talk to cute boys downtown, I’m pretty sure it secured my job for at least a few more days and also I have allllll kinds of gum! (Candice Walsh is so jealous as she is the gum chewing Queen of Newfoundland FYI).

I’ll leave you now with one of Dentyne’s most clever advertising campaigns yet (of course besides this one….) Practice Safe Breath and enter at! Also being a Social media Smart company check out their Facebook Page, Follow them on Twitter and use the hashtag #dentynepar

Stay tuned for Travel Yourself’s first ever contest to be announced later this week, the winner will win an awesome *secret prize and I’ll throw in a case of 12 packs of Dentyne Gum! And while we are talking about it  “Hey Dentyne, why not send Travel Yourself around the world promoting your gum like Strident sent Where the hell is Matt?” haha…… but for reals…. 🙂