Definitely not the most delicious looking creatures to eat. The first time I ate escargot was kind of on a dare in Paris. I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends I had met on a tour and the minute we saw them on the menu we knew it was a kind of “when in Rome” opportunity. They had garlic and butter on them and were not that bad… I only had one.

Fast forward 5 years later and I’m sitting in a field behind an old church at a beautiful table set up for lunch in Costa Brava just outside the city of Girona. We have a set lunch being prepared for us by a lovely chef, the wine is flowing and out comes the escargot. Covered in a tomato sauce, I took a few on my plate, stuck my fork in, pulled the whole thing out and ate it. A funny texture, the sauce it what really made it good. I found the snail itself didn’t have much of a taste.

dinner in a field spain

After eating a few of them I learned that I had been eating them wrong. The locals who I am sitting eating with tell me that you don’t eat the whole snail, only part of it. Apparently I had been eating it all which included parts you don’t want to think about. Honestly I don’t think it matters that much, but as soon as those thoughts were put in my head I started eating them the way they suggested. There was no going back now!

A messy thing to eat when covered in sauce, they are definitely something that you must try at least once or twice in your life.