BooBoo the Sloth

Visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica was one of the highlights from my travels in 2012. I got to hang out with these cute adorable creatures, film them, photograph them, and learn a whole lot about them. In most of my videos that you have seen so far they have all been really cute, healthy and funny. However sadly not all of the Sloths at the sanctuary are that content.

Often the sloths that come in to the sanctuary are abandoned baby sloths with out any mothers to take care of them, and from time to time they also receive injured sloths and sloths that are unhealthy and some even that are born with birth defects. Sadly, even though they try, not all sloths that are brought in survive. Here is the story of one little guy that I met at the Sloth Sanctuary.


A lot of the injured Sloths that come into the sanctuary are injured, from either falling out of trees, being hit by cars, getting burned by power lines, hurt by dogs and humans and sadly like BooBoo also from being in contact with a lot of chemicals used in the banana plantations.

There is still not much known about the Sloth and the Sanctuary does research to help learn more about them, to help them in their studies you can donate on their website

Also remember that these guys aren’t meant to be pets. They should stay in the wild and be left alone.