A view of Halifax that I’ve never seen before with my own eyes. Love it.

Lately I’ve been to busy exploring the world to even pay much attention to my own hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to see Halifax in a bit of a different light than normal, as the city celebrated the 2012 Tall Ships Festival. Organized by Tall Ships America, Tall Ships festivals and races are held each year rotating between the Pacific and Atlantic side of North America, and the Great Lakes and lately the Tall Ship Festival has stopped in Halifax, Nova Scotia every few years while on their Atlantic tour.

The Tall Ships Festival this year was celebrated over five days in Halifax and aside from being able to tour each ship there were also a lot of other great events taking place in Halifax, from the “Food Fare by the Sea” foodie event presented by the Taste of Nova Scotia to the nightly fireworks, a concert on George’s Island (an Island in the middle of our harbour that is not open for general public access), the Parade of Sail where all of the ships parade around the harbour and a whole lot more.

The Tall Ships helped me to explore my own backyard in different ways I hadn’t before or at least hadn’t done for a while. I was excited that for the first time ever that I got the chance to visit George’s Island and I was thrilled to have a spot on the media boat in the harbour for the Parade of Sail, I don’t get out on the harbour nearly enough and I got to enjoy some great eats at the “Food Fare by the Sea” ok maybe that bit wasn’t so new to me because I am always enjoying local seafood but it was still wicked and we don’t have food fests often enough.

Check out some of the awesome pics I took exploring my own backyard this past week.

Some colourful beach balls were let loose at the concert, with the wind in the harbour most of them quickly found their way to the grassy hillside of George’s Island.


A closer view of Halifax, with Captain Morgan standing at the bottom of the pic. You can see Fort George on the top of Citadel hill.

A side of the lighthouse on George’s Island that I had never seen before.

Some of the tasty seafood up for offer at the “Food Fare by the Sea”

Celebrity Chef Anna Olsen shows the crowd how to cool up a mean gumbo at the “Food Fare by the Sea”

Theodore Tugboat leads the beginning of the Parade of Sail around the harbour.

Boats of various different kinds, shapes and sizes full of people swarmed the harbour to watch the parade of sail, like this fishing dorey.

The beautiful ships head for the mouth of the harbour to depart the city.

This ship was called the Peacemaker and was one of the prettiest ships out there.

It was such a beautiful day for a sail and boat ride that it really made me appreciate my little city that much more.

The Fire tugboat signalling the end of the Tall Ships Festival until another year.