Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club Review

The Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club by Marriott is by far one of the classiest hotels that I have ever stayed in. Located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida this hotel was built in 1925 and still carries on some of its old charm today with many nice modern accents. Distinguishable by its pink paint job the hotel is a popular place for families, couples, people traveling for business, weddings, and traveling sports teams. Word on the street is many MLB teams call the Vinoy home while playing in the state.

Renaissance Vinoy bedroom

My room at the Vinoy was at the far end of the guest tower. It was a standard suite with a King sized bed and two balconies overlooking parts of the harbour and downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. One of my favorite parts about the room aside from the balconies and comfy king sized bed was that they had travel sized tooth paste in the bathroom for the guests. Not only was it toothpaste but it was my favorite kind too! I definitely snatched that up into my suitcase. (Aquafresh extreme clean for the inquisitive minds.)

While at the property a few people told me to make sure I explored downtown St. Petersburg and suggested a few restaurants that I should try and bars to visit. Quite honestly though I was extremely content with just staying at the property. The Vinoy is the kind of hotel where you can stay for a few days, relax, and not need to leave.

Steak, sushi, and wine at the Renaissance Vinoy 2

There were various places on the property to eat like Fred’s Steakhouse where I had a tasty coffee rubbed steak, some divine spicy tuna sushi paired with some fine wines recommended by the restaurants sommelier/manager. At the time of my visiting Fred’s was featuring the menu from the hotels larger restaurant Marchand’s Bar & Grill that was in the process of a major renovation.

A Cuban sandwich at Alfresco's

For something more casual or just a quick bite to eat at lunch time Alfresco’s, located in the middle of the hotel by the pool was a great place to stop. While there I enjoyed an amazing Cuban sandwich and the next day while laying by the pool I had poolside service from Alfresco’s as well, this time trying a tasty jerk chicken sandwich. I also highly recommend getting an Arnie Palmer while lying by the pool – a refreshing drink with a “cool” spin on the traditional Arnold Palmer.

the veranda bar at the Renaissance Vinoy


Veransa Bar at the Renaissance Vinoy

Fred’s and Alfresco’s were great but my faovrite spot would definitely have to be the Lobby Bar and Veranda Cafe. On the outside of the hotel stretching the front of the main building is a veranda with rocking chairs and comfy seating areas. Down in front there is even a seating area with a place for smokers and fire pits, along with cooling misting spray systems. On the outside there is also a bar serving drinks and tasty food like the pork sliders I ordered and I saw others with burgers that looked amazing.

Lobster & havarti grilled cheese sandwich at the Renaissance Vinoy


The lobby bar the the Renaissance Vinoy

Directly inside the hotel on the opposite side of the wall from the Veranda bar in the lobby is the Lobby Bar. A bit fancier, the lobby bar is a great spot to hangout inside to get away from the outdoors and those pesky noseeum bugs. There is a full food menu here as well and I enjoyed myself a tasty lobster & havarti grilled cheese sandwich that came with a shot of lobster bisque. If you want to eat on the go or have some food to enjoy in the Vinoy park that sits in front of the hotel there is a also a cafe in the lobby with food to go great for a picnic on a warm day.

The Vinoy also has a small spa and there are rumors that it will be expanded in the next couple years. I stopped by and had a very lovely mani & pedi.

The Renaissance Vinoy might not be located directly on a beach in St. Petersburg, Florida but it definitely makes up for that in its charm and tasty food. To learn more about my stay watch my video above and make sure you visit the next time you are you in South West Florida.

My time at the Renaissance Vinoy was provided to my by the hotel and Diamond PR. As always all views and opinions expressed are my own. A

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    November 14, 2013 at 10:44 am

    The food porn looks amazing! :) The hotel looks like it would a great place to stay while touring!

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    HDA Golf Properties
    August 23, 2013 at 8:29 am

    This looks like a very exciting place to spend a vacation. I love how beautiful each photo came out and just gives off that feeling of wanting to be in this hotel (and maybe even permanently staying). Will definitely add this to my list. Thank you for this post!

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    August 22, 2013 at 7:10 am

    Blimey, that looks nice – especially the food!

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