I know a lot of people write about getting sick while traveling and injuring themselves, heck I know I’ve already written about it once or twice and sadly I am now here to write about it again.

It all started on a Sunday in Cancun, Mexico. I woke up excited for the days activities as I was about to achieve one of those “bucket list” moments in life, I was going swimming with Whale Sharks. I got to the hotel lobby around 6:30am to depart on our tour. I met with two other friends joining me and we all talked about how great the day would be.

We knew that the Whale Sharks we were going to see were about an hours boat ride away, however growing up near and on the ocean I wasn’t too worried about it. We signed our waivers and jumped on board. After probably an hour and 30 minutes of speeding through some big waves, the fastest I’ve ever gone on a speed boat, pounding the waves, we could start seeing the fins in the distance.

Suddenly our boat was literally surrounded by massive fins sticking out of the water swaying here and there. It was just us, one other boat and the open ocean. No land was in site.

I don’t think we could of put on our snorkel gear any quicker. The next however many hours were amazing. Being in the water with these gentle beasts was almost a surreal experience. I swear I also almost got swallowed whole at least 3 times. I wonder what life would be like from inside the stomach of a gynormous fish?

Eventually it was time to get back in the boat and head to shore. Going there I had sat at the back of the boat on a big comfy cushioned padded seat, this time I decided to change it up and sit at the front to see the view. That was a bad idea.

When getting on the boat initially we were told that sitting at the back was the bumpiest and although yes it was bumpy and I felt like I might fling off over the motors and into the ocean at any moment, I was still comfortable. The front was suppose to be the safer area. However the seat I was sitting on this time had no padding.

That little boat pounded the waves like I’ve never seen. Each bang seemed harder than the next and at first I was yelling out with each bump for the fun of it but then the fun turned into actual “ouches”. I knew for sure that I would come away with a bruised butt, but as it turns out I came away with a bruised tailbone.

I’ve always heard of other people having this injury before and knew that it hurt a lot but I really had no idea. It’s now Wednesday and I am actually standing as I write this post as I’d rather not sit if I don’t have too. Sunday was the worst day for the pain but Monday – Wednesday have consistently been the same. Aren’t injuries suppose to get better with time? Someone tells me on twitter that they hurt for a couple months. Oy Vey.

Tonight I fly to Mazatlan, Mexico and first thing in the morning I’m suppose to go on a Canopy tour or ride a Motor bike thingy, I guess both of those won’t be happening now, I’ll just have to enjoy the spa instead.

I hurt my tailbone while traveling. It doesn’t hurt to touch but it hurts when I try to stand up from a seated position and laying down whether on my side or back hurts, so sleeping isn’t the easiest thing to do either. Standing sometimes hurts too though. You never realize how much you use the muscles in yourΒ gluteus maximus until you have had an injury like this. It’s awkward because its an injury no one can see and of course awkward by its location.

I can’t wait to get home on the 10th and try to heal this, however I’m sure my many hours on planes between now and then won’t help, neither will the fact that I am only home for a couple days before leaving again for TBEX and the Nomading Film Festival.

However I think I will survive, someone pass the vicadin.