To start this post like a true local I must point out that Girona is actually located in Catalonia and not Spain however as the world “officially” sees it at the moment and for arguments sake I’ll lump it into Spain right now even though it isn’t… still following me? If you aren’t aware Catalonia is currently putting on a big push to finally again be separate from the rest of Spain and be their own country.

I was initially in the Costa Brava region for a travel bloggers conference and following that typical week of meeting new friends, making connections and drinking too much I was pleased to be offered to stay around for a bit longer to actually enjoy and experience the area. There were a few different trips offered which took people all around Costa Brava and the Pyrenees however I opted to stay in Girona and the province of Girones.

I literally checked out of my hostel, walked half a block and checked in to the Penisular Hotel. For the next three days and two nights we dove into what it would be like to live in Girona by meeting many of the locals.

The trip started early in the morning on the first day at a dairy farm where I avoided getting pooped or peed on and sucessfully learned how to milk a cow and then feed a baby one that was only one day old! I quickly learned the farmer life might not be for me, but I did have a great time.

Following the cow milking we ate a typical traditional breakfast which included Pa amb tomàquet which translates in Catalan to exactly Bread and tomato. This tasty treat was invented as a way to make old bread new again by shredding tomatoes across the bread making it soft again. Add a little olive oil and a shake of salt and voila! A treat I immediately fell in love with.

Followed by an elder showing us a thing or two about farming in Catalonia.

Separating beans from their shoots.

Next while the group hiked the gorges of Canet d’Adri, I nursed my swollen ankle in  its cool pools.

At this point we weren’t even half way finished with day one of our living like a local trip in Girona. Check out the next post for more.


Thanks to Costa Brava for having me 🙂

Filmed with a Nikon D5100 using a 17-55mm lens.