Craft Beer at the Rare Bird Pub

Whenever I am asked what my drink of choice is people are often surprised to hear me say beer. To me there is nothing like a nice cold beer on a summers day / with a meal at a pub / when drinking with friends / there just isn’t anything like it.

As I travel around the world I am always interested in tasting the new and different beers I come across and I even tried a Jordanian beer on my recent trip to Jordan, a country that is 92% Muslim… not exactly a big beer drinking country but I was surprised to find it was quite good.

When I’m at home I generally stick with the local beer called Alexander Keiths but that can get old easily so when I first learned about a new craft beer not far from home I was definitely excited to try it out.

rare bird aleNot only was there new craft beer in town but it was also being made by the awesome people behind the Authentic Seacoast who operate the DesBarres Manor, Osprey Shores Golf Resort and the Rare Bird Pub and more in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. This beer of course is called Rare Bird Ale and is brewed and sold at the Rare Bird Pub. On their Facebook page they describe it best.

“Named by Where Canada as one of 10 great craft beer destinations in Canada, the Rare Bird Pub & Eatery is located in the historic Jost Building directly above the Guysborough Marina. The Rare Bird Pub & Eatery offers a taste of the Nova Scotia Authentic Seacoast™ with traditional Nova Scotia fare, handrafted ales brewed onsite, warm Maritime hospitality, live East Coast music and scenic harbour views. The Authentic Seacoast™ Brewing Company located in the Rare Bird offers several Rare Bird Craft Beers, each brewed with pure artesian water, hops, and Canadian-grown malted barley to capture the history, flavour and pioneering spirit of Chedabucto Bay.”


Rare Bird Pub Ale Menu

Of the three Ales brewed at the Rare Bird Pub, the Rare Bird Ale, the Red Hawk Ale and the Hummingbird Ale I decided to go with the Rare Bird Ale. The 12oz size… although I was tempted to get a 64oz Growler. That will have to wait for next time. Served at the perfect temperature it went down nicely with my club and fries.

rare bird pub club and fries

I can’t wait for this summer when I hope to take another road trip to the Authentic Seacoast for some tasty craft beer, and this time I’ll be definitely taking a few growlers home with me.

rare bird craft beer logo


I even love the logo for the beer!

Now becoming even more popular than their beer the guys behind the Authentic Seacoast have also recently started roasting their very own coffee called Full Steam Coffee and it has been expanding and has started being sold far and wide. I myself am not really a coffee fan however I am a person who is attracted to pretty things and nice packaging and if I were a coffee drinker I would try this stuff just based solely on how pretty they have it packaged up.

full steam coffee authentic seacoast


There are currently seven different kinds of roasts and blends of coffee and they have great local and maritime names like Even Keel Decaf, Perfect Storm Dark Roast and there is even one named after the Titanic. A good thing about the coffee too is that if you become addicted to it when visiting Guysborough not only can you buy it from their cafe to take home but you can also order it online.

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