Friday Food Photos – NYC Street Food


I visited New York this pass weekend and it was my 4th trip to the city and I had yet to try one of the delicious “street” pretzels that I had not only heard about but also saw on nearly every street corner in Manhattan. It cost me $3 and since I hand’t had much to eat that day yet as I had gotten up early to see a taping of the new food cooking show “The Chew” it was the best thing around.

It was EXTREMELY salty, I might of thrown just less than 1/2 of it out because my lips were starting to get pickled from all of the salt but boy did it taste good. I’m not sure how long it might of been sitting on that dudes cart but it was yummy in my belly, I feel fine afterwards and I would definitely buy another one. It is also a slightly better street food treat than when Jeremy was eating in Beijing.

Are you a fan of soft pretzels? What is your favourite New York City street food?

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