Instagram Food Photos #007 – Tacos

Whether you like them in a soft shell, hard shell or hard and soft shell combo this Mexican no utensil required dish is quite enjoyable. Typically made with a corn or wheat tortilla the soft shell taco dates back to before the Europeans arrival in Mexico. The hard shell taco however didn’t come about until the mid 1900’s when American’s started deep frying the tortilla while holding it in a U-shape. (Oh Americans always so healthy haha)

You can eat them filled with beef, chicken,pork, fish or just straight up vegetables with lots of toppings like salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and more.

How delicious do these photos look? What goes in your favorite taco?

Photo by Instagram user EmilyGustafson

Chicken Tacos.

Soft and hard chicken tacos, sometimes I can’t decided which I like more either.

Photo taken by Instagram user thedanishgirl

Fish Tacos

The presentation of these with that little bit of rice and the salsa makes these fish tacos look even more incredible.

Photo by Instagram user danygaral

“Tacos de tortilla de maíz azul con barbacoa de borrego hecha en pozo, chicharrón en salsa verde, tinga, nopales.”

Translation: “Tacos blue corn tortilla with barbecue pit made ​​of lamb, pork in green sauce, tinga, cactus.”

OMG These look fantastic!

Shared by Instagram user breannalyn4

“Tacos are the best thing ever invented”

Bite, bite, repeat. Impossible to not make a mess when eating tacos especially when eating a hard shell.

Photo by Instagram user eweiss19

Spaghetti Tacos

WTF?! This is just F***ed up! I hope there is some meat in there too! Have you ever had one?

Photo by Instagram user jenl0la

#nomnomnom homemade steak tacos

Look at all of that onion and that green sauce looks tasty!

Photo by Instagram user vicky1484

Now this is my kind of restaurant, I would never want to leave this place!

Photo by Instagram user decosadigursky

Tacos El Kabongo #Brazil

The presentation on these tacos is delightful as well and makes me think they might be a little less messy than the norm?

Photo by Instagram user lanalanaland

day 17 of a 30 day food challenge

Not sure what the food challenge is that she is doing but I’m just going to believe its a 30 day taco eating challenge. :)

Photo by Instagram user ME!! cailinoneil

Some wicked pork tacos I ate at Tacombi in NYC while on the Flavors of New York Nolita Food Tour.

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