As a travel blogger I am always working on every trip I take. Whether it is a trip I planned out myself or in collaboration with a destination or travel company I’m always working. From taking pictures, to making videos, tweeting, instagraming, and posting on Facebook, I don’t mind this kind of work, I actually quite love it. However every once in a while I need to disconnect and drink some cocktails and just enjoy myself even more on a trip.

Cailin Carnival Cruise tie dye captains hat - Booking a Cruise with my Air Miles

I recently did just that by using my Air Miles and American Express Credit card to book a trip on my first cruise ever! I had always been intrigued by cruising and aside from going on a river cruise on the Chobe River between Botswana and Namibia in 2013 on a small 22 person houseboat I had never previously gone on one.

I had enough miles to not only book the trip for myself but for a friend as well. Candice! We hadn’t seen each other since the summer because we live in separate parts of Canada, so I was able to use my miles to get flights for each of us to Miami, where we met and stayed for one night to then board our 5 day cruise the next day to Grand Turk and the Bahamas onboard the Carnival Victory. It was the perfect escape that we both needed especially with the winter quickly creeping in on Canada.

Candice and Cailin carnival cruise 2014

One thing I also learned while booking this trip was that once you earn 6,000 Air Miles in one year you become Onyx level and not only do Onyx members get better deals when using their miles but you are also guaranteed to not have to stay on hold for longer than 5 minutes when calling to bok your trips or if you have any related inquiries. It was nice to know that they go the extra mile for the big earners and it made me feel like an elite!


To book my whole trip which included, 6 flights, 1 night at a hotel and a 5 day cruise I was able to just make one call to Air Miles and they were able to arrange everything for me. I was also able to use my Amex Air Miles Card to pay for the taxes so literally by booking with Air Miles, I made some Air Miles back by using that card to cover the taxes. I almost feel sneaky about that, as if it shouldn’t be allowed. However doing that and also using that card with my Air Miles card when I’m shopping and buying gas as I head to the airport gets me on my next trip to my next destination even faster!

I am contemplating a trip to Vegas for my next Air Miles trip, stay tuned for that.

Are you an air miles collector? What kind of things do you do or what tips do you have for earning more miles?

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.