Some of the tasty food I had on my NYC food tour

Maybe they are just a new concept to me, however I think food walking tours are rising in popularity and are a great new way to learn about a city and not only see it with you eyes but your stomach too.

While in Seattle several weeks ago I was perusing the brochure rack at the Seattle Hotel HI Hostel and the Savor Seattle” food tour brochure caught my eye. They offered chocolate food tours, a food tour of the famous Pike Place Market and the one that piqued my interest the “Gourmet Seattle” food tour. At this point on my trip I was trying to come up with reasons to extend my time in SeattleΒ  and the Gourmet Food tour was as fine a reason as I could imagine to stay longer.

The great food at Il Bistro on my Seattle Food Tour

That was probably the best food tour that I could of gone on as my first ever (I might be biased though as it was my first ever). Since then I have gone on two more food tours, one in New York with “Foods of New York Tours and another while in Puerto Rico called Flavours of San Juan: Food and Culture Tours. I am not ashamed to say that I am now addicted to Food walking tours. I am honestly even contemplating setting one up in my own city.

Food on my Puerto Rican food tour. That Mango, passion fruit smoothie was soooo good!

I think I love Food Walking Tours like I love the idea for this blog, travel and food. Putting two of my favorite things together. I also like to tell myself that it is ok be eating all of the food on the tour because we are at least walking everywhere to get to it. Right? You also learn just as much about each city as you would on a regular walking tour but this way you get to constantly stop for snacks! Who wouldn’t like that? The restaurants you visit give you VIP treatment, sometimes the Chefs come out to talk to you, other times you are grabbing a quick bite on the street and often times you are given a discount on all of the places you have stopped at along the tour if you return later for a meal. Win!

My friendly tours guides (clockwise): Mark from Savor Seattle, Anny from Foods of New York, and Leslie Owner and often tour guide for Flavors of San Juan.

It’s hard to say which of the three were my favorite as they were all different in their own unique way. Seattle was the first one I went on so of course I’ll always be fond of it. New York was similar in ways to the Seattle tour, but the great tour guide Anny who sang us all a song at the very end gave it its own flair and then the Puerto Rico was altogether its own thing as all the food we ate were staples of Puerto Rican culture where as the others dabbled in many cuisines.

You can see my review of the Savor Seattle Food Tour HERE and stay tuned for the NYC and Puerto Rico food tour reviews coming soon.

Have you taken a food tour before? Are there any that you recommend?