Instagram Food Photos #006 – Crepes

This weeks Instagram Food Photos series features the delicious crepe!

Originating in the northwest of France crepes are now eaten all over the country including the rest of the world. Simple to make with the ingredients just being flour, eggs, milk butter and a pinch of salt. Often the trick is making it thin enough and flipping it over. Eaten either as a dessert (sweet) and sometimes as a meal (savory) this thin pancake like deliciousness can be eaten with a variety of toppings. My favorite is the straight up “original” crepe with cinnamon and sugar.

How do you like yours? Do you have a favorite crêperie?

Photo by Instagram user mikaylove

Banana crepe with vanilla ice cream.

I don’t think there are any words to describe how amazingly awesome this crepe looks.

Photo by Instagram user leslieb22

With Gruyere, baked ham, egg, and cucumber salad.

I don’t know how I feel about savory crepes myself but this sounds and looks fantastic.

Photo by Instagram user 3pics

Fresh strawberries, whip cream and chocolate all wrapped up in a crepe. The perfect dessert?

Photo by Instagram user kunrawee

Shrimp and Parmesan foam.

I have honestly never heard of “Paremsan foam” before but all I have to say is “WANT”.

Photo by Instagram user skyfalle

Cake crepe.

Also known as a “mille crepe”, (mille meaning thousand in french), this fantastic looking cake is obviously made from many crepes stacked on top of one another.

Photo by Instagram user xio109

Stereotypical tourist shot eating a crepe in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Photo by Instagram user hunny2646

Making lempeng crepes.

Simple to make with simple ingredients, this was the “before shot” in Malaysia of someone making a lempeng crepe.

Photo by Instagram user hellonat

#nutella banana #crepe anyone? Deeeeelicious

Straight up nutella crepe, a little banana and a light dusting of powered sugar #meganoms.

Photo by Instagram user trikxpikx1

“Crepe lady flipping my crepe!!”

Action shot, shes got the skills flipping that crepe.

Photo by Instagram user givemeauniqname

#strawberry #crepe #food #yum

Fancy enough / messy enough sometimes you just need to eat your crepe with a knife and fork.

Do you love crepes? What is your favorite kind? Who makes the best ones?

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